About us

Since its inception in 2005, Kivi Labs has steadily grown to become India’s one of the fastest growing company in the Indian healthcare industry.

Its brands are doing exceptionally good at market place. Today Kivi Labs holds a respect in medical fraternity with its state of art plant as per Schedule M & GMP norms. Today Kivi is equipped to meet current needs and ready to embrace future challenges with a smile.. more about us


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We welcome to our Kivi labs information portal

We at Kivi labs are committed to deliver patient friendly dermatological & neurological solutions, we not only serve healthcare professionals with our variety of product range but we also create a healthy ethical way of promotion to make our medicine easily accessible to all our users. Our patients & health care providers are at the heart of everything we do & we think.

Kivi labs is determined to help & shape the future of the skin, hair, nails and neurological solutions by building and sustaining a strong and long-lasting relationship between healthcare professionals and patients. Kivi labs long-standing commitment to working ethically with pool of human resources of integrity, knowledge and skills of our people to contribute positively to the society we live in. We aim to gain the trust of all our stockist, distributors, patients & doctors by encouraging the right conditions for the growth of our business and of our communities.